Northside Women’s Health strives to make more treatments and options available to women to positively affect their lives and has developed a particular interest and specialisation in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery,Urodynamics, Tension Free Vaginal Tape (TVT & TVT-O) LLETZ.

Ultrasounds, both transvaginal and abdominal, are performed in the practice rooms for the  management  of early pregnancy problems, dating of pregnancies and endometrial surveillance.

It is also very important to book into the North West Private Hospital so please visit book in at your earliest convenience by visiting . Patients are also advised to enquire about antenatal classes, hospital costs and any additional information at this point of contact. An appointment will be scheduled with my practice midwife to assist you with the paperwork and booking in process,

Average hospital stay for vaginal delivery – four nights

Average hospital stay for caesarean section – five nights

Please call 07 3353 7007 for an appointment